Jumaat, 3 April 2009

a better team player... :p

dear friends...

you cannot build a great team without great players.. that is a fact.. as the saying goes, 'you can lose with good players, but you cannot win without them.'

so.. how are you going to get good players?
for that matter, how are you going to become a better player?

when it comes to having good people on a team, you really only have 2 choices:
  1. train them
  2. trade them
you grow the players you already have into champions... :)
or you go out and recruit championship-caliber people and bring them onto the team..

dearie frens...
developing a better team always begin with you.. to improve the team, improve the individuals on the team.. :)

improving yourself will add value to your team.. but if you have leadership role on your team, it's especially vital.. WHY?
because you can effectively teach only what you consistently model.. it takes one to know one, show one and grow one...

All people can choose to become better teammates.. All they need to do is to embody the qualities of a better team player.. DO that YOURSELF, help your teammates do the same, and the whole team will excel, insya'Allah.... :)

Great challenges require great team work, and the quality most needed among teammates amid the pressure of a difficult challenge is……COLLABORATION..

Notice that I didn’t say ‘COOPERATION’ …

Cooperation is working together agreeably..


Collaboration is working together aggressively.. Collaborative teammates do MORE THAN JUST WORK WITH ONE ANOTHER..

Each person brings something to the table that adds value to the relationship and synergy to the team. The sum of truly collaborative teamwork is always greater than its parts…

Becoming a collaborative team player requires A CHANGE in 4 area:

Perception: See teammates as Collaborators, NOT competitors…

Perceive themselves as a unit working together & NEVER allow competition between teammates to get to the point where it hurts the team…

Attitude: Be supportive, not suspicious, of teammates

Adopt the mind-set where you can COMPLETE rather than COMPETE with teammates is possibly only if you suspend your suspicious and become a supportive team player..

Focus : Concentrate on the team, NOT yourself!!

If you focus on the team and not just yourself, you will be able to pass the baton when necessary instead of trying to complete the race by yourself.

Results: Create VICTORIES through MULTIPLICATION..!!

Collaboration harnesses not only your skills but also those of everyone on the team..

To become collaborative team player…

  1. Think win-win : find someone on the team whom you have previously seen as competitor.. figure out WAYS you can SHARE information and work together to benefit both you and the team.
  2. Complement others : Get together with someone who has strength in your area of or vice versa.. seek out others on the team with complementary gives and work together.
  3. Take yourself out of picture: Get in the habit of asking what’s best for the team.. ask yourself how the team would do if you were not involved in the solution. If it would better, then propose ideas that promote and involve people other than yourself..

firman Allah dalam Surah Al-Ra'd ayat 11, tafsirnya:

"Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum

sehingga mereka mengubah

apa yang ada pada diri mereka sendiri."

p/s: my roomet.. my teammate… cik dayah… siapalah diri ini tanpa pengorbanan insan terhampir… :p

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