Selasa, 29 Disember 2009

Love is Beautiful =)

"Run baby Run, Don't ever look back, They tear us apart, If you give them the chance."

You should never let the past hunt you. If it hurt just by remembering, don't remember it anymore. Forget. Look ahead and march forward. If you give chance for the past to haunt you, then it will.
And you'll spend the rest of the day in grief, stress...walking fast and lock yourself in the room for hours...all that for remembering the past that should had been bygone from the memory.

(took this quote from musafir melayu, nice post... syukran for the sharing brother!)

and this morning, i found another notes in one of my facebook's friend.. =)

guess what? its about being wise on picking a companion..

Ibn al_Qayyim said:

''Know that the greatest of losses is for you to be preoccupied
with one who will bring you nothing but a loss in your time with Allah – the Mighty and Majestic – and being cut off from Him, a wasting your time with the person,
a weakening of your energy,
and the dispersing of your resolve.
So, if you are tested with this – and you must be tested with this –
deal with him according to how Allah would wish,
and be patient with him as much as possible.
Get closer to Allah and His Pleasure by way of this person, and make your getting together with him something to benefit from, not something to incur a loss from.

Be with him as if you are a man who is on a road who was stopped by another man, who then asks you to take him on your journey. Make sure that you are the one who gives him a ride, and that he is not the one giving you the ride. If he refuses, and there is nothing to gain from travelling with him, do not stop for him, bid him farewell, and do not even turn back to look at him, as he is a highway robber, regardless of who he really is. So, save your heart, be wary of how you spend your days and nights, and do not let the Sun set before you arrive at your destination.''.”

['al-Wabil as-Sayyib'; p. 45]
p/s : if i ever to search for that "special one".. may always in Allah's blessing & guidence =)

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  1. Salam lillah, Alhamdulillah.. really thankful for sharing this nice post. nowadays i faced this such mess. I really hate it. :'(

    your post give me more confident to face it. may Allah choose someone better for me and also for you. for us to build a mukmin generation. and insyaAllah, will save in this world and hereafter.
    (with Allah mercy :-)..)

  2. amin =)

    inshaAllah u'll be okay...Allah gives and He takes back.. Don’t laugh when you receive and don’t cry when it is taken from you. Just hold on to your faith... says Alhamdulillah for everything! =D


Assalamualaikum... :)

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